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Bruno Wants a Nose Horn

A Lil'Drakes Story about a dragon who really wants a nose horn like all the other dragons and finds himself getting into trouble trying to get one.


Bruno Wants a Nose Horn is a 32 page full color children’s picture book that tells the story of Bruno, a dragon who feels out of sorts because he doesn’t have a nose horn like all the other dragons, and whose siblings tease and laugh at him. He gets himself into trouble trying to get a horn, but realizes you can’t always have what you want, but you can still be happy and different.


This will be the first book of my Lil’ Drakes stories with more to come in the future. This book introduces three of my main characters that live in the Phalanges Isles; Bruno and his siblings Bonnie and Bazil.


Update as of August 18th 2013
Although the Kickstarter campaign did not reach it's funding goal, I am still finishing the illustrations, book design, and realease of a digital book.


I am also going to re-visit print options such as a lower print run, possibly a soft cover version of the book, or a print on demand service.  
I will re-submit a new project on kickstarter with a smaller funding goal.


Project updates can be followed on Brunos Facebook Page, the Author's Twitter page, and the Dragonrose Designs e-newsletter.

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