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Nikita Dragonrose Woltersen


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Nikita Dragonrose

Author, Illustrator, Sculptor, and Designer

I was interested in drawing at a young age. I was fascinated by animation and storytelling. And I’ve always been a fan of fantasy. I practiced my drawing skills by duplicating my favorite animated characters.  The pause button on the VCR was my favorite tool as I could freeze frame an image to study the details. Even now I enjoy picture books and animated movies and shows above other media. I now express my own whimsical ideas into illustrations, sculpture, and product design.


I took all of the art classes available throughout high school, including the correspondence lessons of Art Instruction Schools. I then got a one year diploma in graphic design at Minneapolis Business College.  Unable to find design work, I set aside my art for awhile to experience life and work a regular job with my sketchbook on the side.


Eventually, I got another opportunity to get my BFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Initially I thought I’d continue with graphic design, however, all of my instructors told me my work was illustrative, and so I finally found the place for my art within illustration, children’s book design, and product design. 


I work in several mediums from watercolor and ink, to sculpture, photography, and digital design and own my own business, Dragonrose Designs, where I create and sell my art work and products at renaissance faires, art festivals, and fan conventions. I also do freelance illustration, book design, and business design.


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